Welcome to Serendipity Research

Serendipity Research is dedicated to releasing and capturing the natural creativity of the human spirit and the power of serendipitous interaction of ideas. We firmly believe that the combination of creativity, sustained effort, and chance can drive innovation and discovery.

Currently, research and education are the primary focuses of Serendipity Research. The product or our research and education activities are generally disseminated through the web pages of our researchers/inventors. Feel free to contact individual researchers/inventors to inquire about their projects or to offer your view of their findings. We believe that the convergence of multiple viewpoints can often lead to deeper insight and understanding.

Highlighted Projects

  • Development of novel approaches for obtaining high accuracy numerical solutions with minimal effort and modification of existing code.
  • Characterization of microstructure in polycrystalline materials.
  • Development of scientific computing software.
  • Exploration of paradigms for scientific/high-performance computing that simultaneously optimize programmer performance and computational performance.